Why TaxiOnn?

1. Clear pricing

No bargains with drivers any longer. You can find GPS taximeter which exactly calculates your trip cost in all our cars. You can see the approximate rate by specifying drop-off destination in your application even before starting a trip.

2. Save your time

You always know exactly when your car arrive. Track driver destination via your application or web-site.

3. Drivers rating system

Every driver has his/her own rating, that depends on driving quality, experience, attitude towards a client. Their bonuses depends on rating, so be sure that all of them are going to make their best to make your trip more and more comfortable and pleasant.

4. Exact point for pickup\dropoff

New technologies like GPS make you forget about hard explaining of your current position and destination point to taxi dispatcher. Just insert these points on map via your application or web. The car will be in the EXACT PICK-UP place and will take you to the EXACT DROP-OFF (DESTINATION)

How to use our application?

  • Move green pointer to place where you want to order. After selecting pick-up place press “Next”. If you want to get estimated trip amount or you don’t want to explain destination than move red marker to destination point.

  • You can order a car ASAP or at specified time. Note that booking time is a locale time of city where you are ordering. If you are ordering a car to airport, than notice your name and flight number in comments. Driver will meet you with a smartphone on which is displayed this text.

  • You will see information about driver after he accepts the order. You can rate the driver after finishing trip. Also you can find your driver on map, with estimated time arrival.

  • You can rate your driver after trip finished. If driver’s rating becomes less than three, he will be automatically excluded from our system.

Drivers’s benefits

1. Always on road

Just let us know your working available hours and we support you with orders.

2. Flexible schedule

You and only you who schedule your working hours. You always earn as much as want to earn.

3. Earn a good rating and get more orders

Provide a good service, upgrade ranking rate level and increase number of orders. Be the best and you will be the first in allocation order process.

4. Embedded taximeter in driver application

Now you have an opportunity to get an equitable price for your work! You do not need to guess the price. You always know your trip rate.

Rate Classic

Rides in Tbilisi

x 4 x 3
Cost minimal: 3 GEL
Cost per km: 0.5 GEL
Waiting cost: 0.5 GEL/5min.
Minimum cost includes 5 km trip and 5 min waiting time.

Transfer to\from Tbilisi International Airport

x 4 x 3

Transfer price from airport to Tbilisi city center is 40 lari, incliding waiting and parking cost. If flight is delayed we will wait you and meet in any case. It will not affect on price.

Transfer price from Tbilisi center to Airport is automatically calculated by driver application.
On the average cost from city center to airport is 40 lari.

We will send an electronic receipt to your e-mail upon completion of the transfer. Also we can provide a paper receipt for transfers from airport.

When travelling from the airport to Tbilisi, driver will meet you with a green tab (or tablet) on which is your name and surname.
Please when ordering taxi from airport notice in comments your name, surname, flight number and arrival time.
Please do not forget to specify the local time of arrival.

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